How to Delete a Discord Server – Easy steps to do it

Discord is a very popular instant messaging and VoIP distribution platform.

To communicate on Discord you need to create a discussion room called as Server.

Suppose, if someone wants to do a seminar on Entrepreneurship he/she will create a server and will share the server’s link. The interested people then will join the server by clicking on the server’s link.

After the seminar is over people leave the server room or exit from it and the server is no longer of any use. You can either delete the Discord server or leave it as it is. It is better to delete the server if it is no longer of any use.

So, how do we delete a discord server?. It is a very simple process to delete a discord server.

If you are also looking to delete a discord server then you have come to the right place. Below we have given a detailed guide on how to delete a discord server.


Before we see how to delete the Discord Server let us have a quick introduction to Discord.

Discord is a group discussion platform originally made for gamers and Gaming communities but later it was adopted by other communities.

Its initial motto was “chat for gamers” but later when it was becoming famous among the other communities also Discord changed its motto to “Chat for communities and friends”. It allows you to data in text, audio, doc, images, etc. formats.

Discord was launched in 2015 and it is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS operating systems. It was founded by Jason Citron.

It has more than 100 million active users on all platforms that share billions of messages daily.

The revenue of Discord for the year 2020 was $100 million.

What is a Discord server?

Discord server is a chat room belonging to a particular community.

For eg: If you are an environmental activist and you want to discuss the increasing pollution with other fellow activists then you can create a server and send the server’s link to the other fellow activists and discuss the issue there.

You can share text messages, images, doc files, audio, etc. on the Discord server.

You can create a Discord server with or without audio access i.e. you can create servers that allow only to send text messages and not audio.

A lot of gamers use Discord as the discussion room while playing among us.

There is a feature in Discord that allows you to personalize and boost your server.


How to create a Discord Server:

To create a Discord server follow the below steps:

1. Open Discord on your Device or go to the browser and open

2. Log-in to your Discord account or create a new if you haven’t created

3. Click on the plus icon. Next click on Create My Own

4. Type the server’s name and click on create. This will successfully create your channel

5. You can optimize your channel after you create your channel like making it private and allowing whether to share audio messages or not.

6. To do it click on the gear icon in front of your channel’s name >> go to permissions >> Advanced permissions.


What happens when you delete a Discord Server:

When you delete a Discord server that you own Discord changes your server’s name to Deleted user.

However, all the messages and files shared on the server remain and you can access those files.

After you delete a Discord account it gets deleted permanently i.e. you will not be able to restore the account later. Whether it is a text channel or voice channel it will not be restored.

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How to delete a Discord server on Windows/mac:

To delete a Discord Server in Windows/mac follow the below steps:

1: Open the Discord application on your computer.

2: Drag your mouse pointer on the server name you wish to delete >>click on the drop-down arrow or >>right click on it and tap on Server settings

Server settings Discord

3: A new window will appear, click on Delete Server

4: After you click on delete server you will get a pop-up window showing “Are you sure you want to delete (server_name) This cannot be undone” and asking you to type your server name or 6 digit code in case you have enabled two-step authentication

5. Enter your servers name or code according to the requirement in the pop-up box and click on delete server

Delete Server pop up window in Discord

Click on delete server option you will get a pop up window enter the server name and then click on delete server button

How to delete a Discord server on Android/iOS:

To delete a Discord Server in Windows/mac follow the below steps:

1: Open the Discord application on your mobile device.

2: Tap on the server you want to delete

3: Click on the three dots at the top that will appear after you tap on the server. Tap on the Settings icon to go to the server settings page

Discord server settings page on mobile device

4: Now click on the three dots on the top in the server settings page and tap on delete server\

5: A pop-up window will appear to confirm that you want to delete with a warning that this can’t be undone.

6: Click on the delete button to successfully delete the server.

delete server option on Discord mobile app


How to transfer Discord server ownership:

To transfer the Discord server ownership to other members of the Server follow the below steps:

1) Open the Discord application on your computer and go to Server settings

2) To open server settings on a computer right-click on the server name whereas to open server settings on a mobile device Tap on server name >> click on 3 dots >> click on the Settings(gear icon)

3) In server settings go to the Members option under user management and click on it.

4) It will list all the members of the server

5) Now drag your mouse pointer to the member you want to transfer ownership >>click on the three dots in front of his/her name and click on Transfer ownership.

steps to transfer discord server ownership


Wrapping up:

In the above article, we have explained what is discord serverhow to create a server on discordhow to delete a discord server, and how to transfer ownership to other members of the group on Discord. If you had a query about any of these topics please read the above article. Also, let me know in the comment box if the article was helpful.

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