Top 22 Couchtuner Alternatives that Work in 2023 (All Working)

Are you facing trouble using Couchtuner? Then you have come to the right place. This article has all the alternatives for Couchtuner that actually work in 2023.

Everyone loves to watch their favorite movie shows and chill after having a long day at work. Presently no one downloads and watches movies, instead use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc to watch them online. Also, streaming services has an ample amount of content for you to choose and the best part is you do not need to keep track of it.

But the problem with these streaming platforms like Hulu, Hotstar, etc. is that they charge you for watching their content and not everyone loves to spend their hard-earned money on subscriptions. In such cases, Couchtuner is a better deal for everyone. It provided free content and better streaming experiences to its users.

However, recently a lot of users complaint that they were not able to load Couch tuner. Also, the governments are taking down the free Streaming platforms with an intent to counter piracy, and couch tuner was one of their targets. In such a case, it becomes very important for us to find an alternative for the Counchtuner so that we can enjoy our favorite shows for free.

You can find many streaming sites that came to rise when couchtuner tv was taken down. However, not all websites provide free content like the couchtuner. So, in this article below we shortlisted the top 20 websites that are the best alternative for Couchtuner.

Introduction to CouchTuner:

Couch Tuner is a video streaming platform where you can watch thousands of movies, and Tv Shows for free. With Couchtuner you even have access to all the movies and shows that are aired daily on Television. The good thing about couchtuner is that you do not have to pay for anything and you can enjoy your favorite shows literally for free. You can watch all the previous as well as the latest seasons of your favorite movies and shows like Rick and Morty, the Orville, AMC Marple 10, RuPaul’s drag race, Game of Thrones, and much more online for free. Isn’t that great, you can literally say Couchtuner rocks.

The reason why the couchtuner is free is pretty simple, Couchtuner does not host any content. So, there is no need for the site owners to spend a lot of money in buying large servers for the content. Instead what couchtuner does is provide a user interface that allows the users to access the content from third-party servers.

Although it is a great website that allows you to watch the content of different streaming platforms like dare hub tv, Netflix, Hulu, etc. for free but it is not legal as it comes under piracy. So, the couchtuner site may not work in your region. However, you can access it using VPN. But sometimes the site does not work even with VPN, also mostly the site is down because the cyber cells are always looking for it and as soon as the website gets live they take it down.

So, it becomes necessary for us to find an alternative of Couchtuner to make sure we can watch the latest releases of our favorite shows without any interruption for free. You access CouchTuner by clicking on this link and most importantly you don’t need to log in or signup. Use VPN if the site is not loading in your country

Is Couchtuner Safe to use?

Couchtuner is a website that streams web shows and movies from paid streaming platforms for free. Couchtuner pirates the content from other platforms and displays it on its website. It is not a legal thing to do. Hackers look for such websites to steal users’ data. So, most countries take strict action against websites and apps that pirate content. They block those websites if they find any website doing it.

So, if Couchtuner is not working in your country there are chances that your country has banned the site. But you don’t need to worry because you can still access Couchtuner safely.

Yes, you heard it right you can access couchtuner that too without getting your data stolen. The trick is to use a VPN. VPN hides your IP address over the internet and protects your data. They also enable you to access websites that are banned in your country.

Is couchtuner legal?

As we know couchtuner displays the content from other paid streaming platforms like amazon prime, Netflix, etc. on its site without taking the permission from the copyright owner. So, it is definitely illegal as it is piracy of the content.

You might have noticed that wondered why is couchtuner not working? or why won’t couchtuner work? The simple answer to the question is that as the couchtuner is illegal the internet service providers take it down. However, there are other websites that are less popular that couchtuner but provide the same features as the couchtuner website. You can use those site.

Where can I watch TV shows online in HD for free?

Couchtuner is a website where you can watch movies and tv shows online for free but t gets blocked very frequently by the internet service providers. However, couchtuner keeps on changing its domain name in order to be up and available for its users. So there are many couchtuners on the internet like couchtuner eu, couchtuner ag.where you can enjoy watching free tv shoews online.

But if these websites are also not working then you can use the couchtuner alternatives. Below I have listed few working replacement for couchtuners site. You can visit those aternatives to watch your favorite show online for free.

Top 20 Couchtuner Alternatives that you must check:

Here are the best couchtuner alternatives that you can try if the couchtuner website is down or not working in your country.

#1 Solar Movie

couchtuner alternative

Solarmovie tops our list for best alternatives to couchtuner. Here you can enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows from different streaming platforms like Netflix, etc. for free. The reason Solar Movie topped our list for the best couchtuner alternatives is because it is free + no ads. Yes, that’s correct there are no irritating ads on Solar Movie, unlike the other websites that show tons of ads on loading. That means you can watch your favorite shows without any interruption.

SolarMovie is present in more than 36 countries, so there are greater chances that it is available in your country.  Also, it is available for Android which is great if you enjoy watching your favorite shows while traveling or if you love to enjoy your shows alone.

#2 Watch Series

thewatchseries a couchtuner alternative

Another website that can be a great alternative to Couch tuner is thewatchseries.  This website allows you to watch almost all the movies and Tv series for free. You can enjoy your favorite shows like big bang theory, blacklist, insecure on watchseries for free. It is one of the famous streaming platforms and has millions of users worldwide. Whether you are a Movie, Web Series, or Anime lover this website has got everything covered. You don’t need to look for some other websites to watch movies or series or anime it has all in one place.

The WatchSeries does not store any data on its servers instead all the contents are provided by non-affiliated third-party websites. The website keeps on updating its contents regularly. Also, it keeps on adding cool features to the website for its users. So, it can be a great alternative to couchtuner.

Note that to play the videos on thewatchseries you need to install an extension required by the site. The extension required is available on the chrome web store so it is safe to install

#3 TV Muse – Couchtunner

TV Muse

TV muse is a platform that is bent on providing free content to users. It has adopted the concept of free entertainment for everyone. This website features a variety of movies and tv shows that serves the tastes of different kinds of people. To watch the content online you need to install the flash player extension on your browser.

However, if you want to download the content from the website to watch it later then you can do it. TV Muse allows its users to download the content for free and you don’t even need to register for an account on the website. Moreover, if you want to save your watch history and other details you can register on the TV Muse website.

The platform is good for watching content for free but the website is full of pop-up ads that keep you redirecting to a random page if you click something. You can avoid those ads using the ad blocker extensions. Also, the website is simple and clean and the navigation is smooth

#4 Crave

watch game of thrones online for free

Crave is another great alternative for couchtuner. This alternative hosts great shows like game of thrones for you to watch. It was primarily built for streaming tv shows of different genres in different languages. On Crave you can enjoy movies and shows from popular streaming platforms like HBO, Showtime, STARZ, etc.

You can also catch the new episodes of the shows that are currently aired without any delay. The video quality of the stream is quite good and provides a great watching experience.

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#5 Couch Tuner Hub

watch all episodes of rick and morty online for free

Couchtuner hub is another alternative to Couchtuner. It is one of the popular couchtuner alternatives. The user interface of this website is almost similar to that of the real Couchtuner. So, if you are missing the old website look and feel this one is for you. In other, this website is a couchtuner 2.0

Moreover, this website has all that you need. It can stream all your favorite shows from different streaming platforms for free. It has a search button to let you search your desired content. For eg: Rick and Morty season 4 episode 2 watch online. After you search this, it will show you a button, click on that button to watch the episodes for free

The website has multiple menu options like released, latest, top IMDB, top watched to help you choose what to watch if you are stuck. The website has few ads but not many. So, overall the user experience of this website is good. Because of such features, this can come out to be a perfect couchtunner alternative.

#6 Xfinity – Couch tuner


This alternative is great for those who love binge-watching their favorite tv shows and movies. This website has a large number of genres for you to choose from action to horror-comedy. It has a lot more cool features for its users that offer a wide variety of personalization options.

The best part about Xfinity is that it does not have annoying pop-up ads like other alternatives which give its users smooth navigation through the website ultimately leading to a greater user experience. Also, you don’t need to have account Xfinity account to watch content on the website.

#7 AZ Movies

best couchtuner alternative

AZ Movies is a great choice if you are looking to watch your favorite movies and tv shows online for free. It has a great collection of movies and shows for you to watch. This website provides a wide variety of genres so you are never bored.

The best part about this website is that it refreshes its contents very frequently so will always find the latest content on the website. It has a huge collection of TV shows and movies from old to new. So, you will always have something to watch. You can even download movies and shows from this site if the owners allow their content to be downloaded.

#8 Putlocker 

working couch tuner alternative

Putlocker is a streaming website where you can watch movies and series online for free. It is one of the best alternatives to CouchTuner. Putlocker does not store the contents on the server, which means it takes contents from third-party servers. It only provides the user interface to access those contents.

The user interface of Putlocker is minimal and clean so it is user-friendly. The website allows you to watch its contents for free without any need of registering an account on the website. How cool is that!! Moreover, you can also download your favorite movies and tv series from the website for free.

All these great features make Putlocker an amazing deal. So, if you are looking to watch the content of paid streaming platforms for free Putlocker is the one to go for.

#9 Prime Wire:

watch movies and shows online for free

Prime Wire is another fantastic website that can complete your search on the best Couchtuner alternatives. This website covers all your entertainment needs. This website does not ask its users to download any extension to watch the content on the website. You can watch all your favorite Movies, TV Series, and animes, etc. for free.

To watch the videos you don’t need to register for an account. You can find the latest content on this website without any delay. Also, it does not host any content instead renders them from third-party servers.

Moreover, it has menu options like Top Watched, Top IMDB to help you navigate through the website. Its user experience is great and simple to use. It has a filter option to help you search for your favorite content faster. Overall this website resembles itself to be one of the best alternatives.

#10 Popcornflix:


Popcornflix is a streaming service that helps you to watch movies and shows for free. It is a multiplatform streaming service that means if you are a mobile user you can access this website from there too. To use Popcornflix on your mobile without any interruption you can download its apk from the internet. It is available for iOS too.

This website has a vast library of Movies and TV shows. From comedy to action-thriller this website has got everything. Also, this website has a super clean UI for its users which helps smooth navigation between the options.

#11 Soap2day:

soap2day best couch tuner alternative in 2021

Soap2day is one of the best streaming websites for tv shows and Movies. It has almost every movie and tv show that you want to watch. The contents of this website are refreshed very frequently. That means you can get the most recently released movies or episodes on this site without any delay.

Moreover, the stream quality of this website is very good. It provides HD video quality for all its videos which increases the watching experience. The sound quality of the stream is also good. Soap2day has an inbuilt player so you don’t have to install any player extension to watch videos on this site. This website has minimum to no ads which increase the user experience.

It is a simple and clean website and navigating within the website is very smooth and easy. Soap2day is also one of the most popular and the best online tv show streaming sites.

#12 F Movies:


F Movies is just another free entertainment website that you cannot miss. You can watch any movies and tv shows that are released on the streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon prime video, etc for free. It does not require any registration to watch its content. The website is seamless with fewer ads and a simple user interface.

F Movies has a very big database which means you can find almost everything for yourself to watch. Due to its big database FMovies stores, every season of the shows even if the show’s previous seasons were released a few years back. For eg: Consider a show a million little things, F Movies will store the A million little things season 1, season 2, season 3, and the last season 4. So you don’t need to worry if you have to watch any show that was released way back.

The website has a large variety of genres and provides an excellent filter option to help you sort the content. With these features, F Movies can be the one to go for if you are looking for an alternative to the couchtuner.

#13 123 Movies:

couchtuner alternative 2

Another one on the list is the 123Movies streaming site. It is a great website if you love to watch movies without spending your hard-earned money on popular streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, etc. This site has a very simple user interface. It has a large collection of movies and tv shows of different genres. The video and the sound quality of the stream are very good. This website keeps on updating its library on daily basis.

You can find the latest to old classic movies on 123Movies. It has a database of 38000+ movies and tv shows and is still growing. The 123 Movies team constantly keeps on updating the site to keep the site bug-free and make the website smooth for its users. The search function of this site works like the premium websites. If you search bob’s urgers season 1 it will show you the episodes of season 1. Overall, 123Movies is another excellent alternative to couchtuner.

#14 Afdah Space:

Afdah Space an couchtuner aternative

Another alternative down the list is Afdah Space. It allows you to watch the latest movies without spending any money. This website hosts movies and tv series and has a vast collection of them. So, if you are bored of watching series you can enjoy watching movies from this website for free. It has a large variety of genres for movies and tv shows. You can select the category by just clicking on the category name on the left or on the top. On Afdah you can find all the latest shows and movies also the ones that are recently released. Afdah Space does not ask its users to install any player extension to watch its videos. You don’t even need to register for anything.

Afdah is another website related to Afdah Space where you find mostly movies. So if you are a movie fan and like to enjoy movies more than series then you have the option to go for Afdah Moreover, on Afdah you can also watch the official trailers of the movies that are going to release. You can say that Afdah Space is a great alternative to couchtuner and Afdah is a great alternative to couchtuner movies.

#15 Amazon Prime Video:

amazon prime video a couchtunner alternative

Amazon Prime Video is a great streaming platform and it can resemble as a great alternative to couchtuner. It is a product of Amazon. It provides a variety of movies and TV shows that users love to watch. The user interface is user-friendly as it is simple and easy to access. It has many popular movies like The Conjuring, The Wolf of Wall Street, etc that you will enjoy watching. The video streaming on this platform is very good. It loads the videos even if you have a slow internet connection.

The Prime video is not totally free but there are a few tips and tricks that you can apply to watch them for free or at a very low rate. The first trick is to use the 30-day free trial provided by amazon. When the trial is over create a new amazon account and then use 30-day free trial for another month. Moreover, Amazon offers discounts on amazon prime subscriptions on some occasions. You can purchase the prime subscription at that time. There are also other benefits of taking prime subscription-like one-day delivery, no delivery charges, etc.

#16 Youtube:

Youtube an couchtunner alternative

Youtube can also be looked upon as couchtuner alternatives. Youtube is one of the most famous streaming platforms in the world. It has a lot of monthly active users. There are a lot of movies available on Youtube that you can watch for free. It is the best streaming platform to chill and enjoy your evening if you don’t want to spend your earned money on movie subscriptions. You can also rent movies on Youtube Movies. So rather than buying a subscription for the whole month for just one movie you can just rent the movie you want to watch. That wouldn’t be that expensive as compared to the subscriptions.

The streaming quality of the youtube video player is also good. So you can enjoy your favorite movies with great quality. On some devices, you can watch the movies in 4k. Overall, youtube proves itself as one of the alternatives of couchtuner

#17 Myflixer:

myflixer image

If you are looking for a website where you can watch the latest seasons of your favorite shows like the heartland, the dexter, south park, etc. without spending a single penny then Myflixer is the best option for you. This website has a very simple user interface like the others and you can stream videos in ultra HD. Sounds cool right!!! There are more features to it. This website does not host any content but instead a;; the contents are provided by a third-party website.

You can find the newly released movies and tv shows episodes on this website as well like the heartland season 15, etc. Here you can enjoy previous shows that are not currently aired too like the Big Bang Theory, Friends, etc. Overall the website is good has all the qualities to become a couchtuner alternative. If you are looking for a working site that won’t be down any sooner then you must go for Myflixer. The only problem with myflixer is that in order to enjoy the movies and shows on its website you will have to register.

#18 Alluc:

Alluc preview

Alluc is a great website if you love to binge-watch tv-series and movies for free. It is available in more than 40+ countries. So, there are high chances that it is available in your country. The website provides a very large variety of genres. The ads on this website are zero to minimum, which means you can enjoy your movies hassle-free.

The user interface of Alluc is simple and understandable which makes navigating within the website easier. To watch the videos on Alluc you need to install the Adobe flash player extension. The video quality of the stream in alluc is quite good, so better-watching experience. All these features make alluc a better competitor for best alternatives to couchtuner.

#19 Go Movies:

GoMovies interface image

Coming down the list of best countunner alternatives is Go Movies. Go Movies is a great website for watching series, anime, and movies, etc. for free. It is up always which makes it reliable. The website has a huge collection of movies and series for its users. You can find almost any content that you are looking for on the website.

The users of this website can watch all the seasons of their favorite shows like million little things, rupaul’s drag race, the game of thrones, etc. The website has a filter option if you are looking to watch movies from the recommended. Just choose the genre and it will show all the movies and series that you would love to watch. It also has options like Top IMDB, Top watched to help you find the perfect movie to watch.

A simple user interface, reliability, huge collection of moves and tv shows all these features make Go Movies the best alternatives to the couchtuners

#20 Flixtor:

flixtor alternative to

Flixtor is another great alternate to couchtuner. It is one of the best sites to visit if you are looking for the latest movies or new releases. It has a large collection of newly released movies in full HD. You can enjoy your favorite movies in 1080p that too for free. This site is available in almost every country. Another perk of this alternative is its streaming speed. This website is popular over the internet because of its good streaming speed.

The best part about this alternative is that it has no ads. This website also has a search feature that lets you search for your favorite movies or tv shows. It has different categories like genre, top IMDB, etc. to help you easily find the best movies/tv-shows to watch. The user interface of this site is minimal and user-friendly. Overall this website stands out to be one of the best couchtuner alternatives of the current time

#21 Movie4K:

alternative source for couchtuner

Until now you would have come across multiple couchtuner mirror sites that will help you watch your favorite movies and tv shows on the paid OTT platforms for free. However, if those list of couchtuner alternative sites are not working in your country then this site will be very helpful. Movie4K is an alternative to couchtuner where you can watch new releases, OTT released moves and TV shows, etc. It has a very simple user interface which is very easy to use.

You can find the latest released movies and tv shows directly on the home page. However, if you want to search older movies, you also have search functionality. You also have filter options like latest releases, popular, on display, etc. To watch a movie or series, click on the movie name. It will take you to another page, there click on the Look button beside the film poster. Overall the site is very helpful and an effective couchtuner alternative that helps us in enjoying our favorite movies and series for free.

#22 Castle Media:

real couchtuner movies and tv shows

Since the real couchtuner is down you might not be able to see your favorite movies for free. Also, the alternative couchtuner guru which was working is also down most of the time. But do not worry because Castle Media provides all the content to us for free so that we don’t have to pay huge subscription fees.

Castle Media is a website that provides Movies, and TV shows to watch for free. It also has Anime content which makes it a great Crunchyroll alternative. The shows like The Office, The Walking Dead which were free on couchtuner can be watched here for free. Castle Media provides content from around the world in different languages. It has a very large database so you find almost all the couchtuner movies and shows. The best part about Castle Media is that it lets you download its content for free so you can enjoy it while travelling.

Castle Media is available for Andriod users. If you want to use it on a computer access the Castle Media application through an emulator.


Q. What is CouchTuner?
A. Couchtuner is a free streaming platform where you can watch all the movies and tv shows like the other streaming platforms. The only difference is that couchtuner is free. It provides all the contents from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. in one place.

Q. Is Couchtuner down?
A. Since, couchtuner pirates the contents most countries ban the site. So there are chances that the couchtuner is not down instead it is not available for your country or region. To access it you can use VPN. However, the couchtuner website might also be down if the website is under maintenance.

Q. Which couchtuner works?
A.,, are some of the couhtuners that can be used to watch movies and tv shows online for free.

Q. Is couchtuner safe?
A. Couchtuner is a website that streams and movies of streaming platforms through piracy. So it is not a legal website. These websites are easy targets for hackers. So, it is highly recommended to use VPN while accessing couchtuner

Q. Which is the new couchtuner site?
A. The new couchtuner site are,, However, since the couchtuner has become very famous the government takes the website down as soon as it gets live so it is better to look for its alternative. In the above article, I have mentioned few of the working alternatives.


Couchtuner has gained so much popularity in recent years that when the couchtuner site is down millions of users get affected. Also, most of the time the couchtuner website is down. So, it becomes important for the users to look for an alternative to watch movies online for free.

We did the hassle for you and grouped the top 20 alternatives that actually work currently. So, try the alternatives, and if you face any issue reach out to us in the comment box.

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