How to Change Your Reddit Username & Display Name – Latest Guide

There is an ample amount of search on google and other search engines by Reddit users on how to change Reddit username?

The reason for it is that a lot of people create their Reddit account based on the trending topic at that time. After the trend is over the username is no longer of any use. So people want to change it.

Another reason why people want to change their Reddit username is that while creating their account they mistakenly selected the by default username provided by Reddit and now they want to change it to get the username of their choice.

Unfortunately, there is only one way to change your Reddit username and we are going to see it in a step-by-step guide below. Also, we will see how to change Reddit display name.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation platform where Reddit users can post content like links, news, docs, images, or videos and other Reddit users rate the content up or down based on its authenticity. This means that the content that is genuine and not misleading is upvoted and the contents which are misleading (for eg: any fake news) are downvoted by the users.

Reddit gives you points called karma points based on the upvotes or downvotes you got. If you get more positive upvotes then you earn positive karma points and if you get more downvotes then you get negative karma points. Positive karma points are good for you while negative karma points are not good because Reddit has an algorithm that restricts you from posting things more often if you have negative karma points

The number of upvotes minus downvotes to a particular post is equals to the post score(upvote – downvote = post score). The most upvoted content ranks higher on the subreddit pages i.e. on the front page. If you liked any post or comments you can award the user who posted or commented that with Reddit coins. You can award them with silver, gold, or platinum coins based on how much you liked it

Reddit has an online community for topics called subreddits. There is a subreddit for almost everything on Reddit even for your state or district or city. Also, you can create your own subreddit. There are subreddits that are only discussions. The subreddit pages get constantly updated with the kind of stuff people are interested in.

We can say that Reddit is the gateway to all the interesting and trending things happening in the world.

 What is a Reddit username?

When someone creates an account on Reddit, Reddit requests them to choose a username that it uses as a unique I’d for the user’s account. It is like the mac address of your computer but the only difference is that here you can select your username.

We all know that we can not change the mac address of the computer similarly we can not change the username of our Reddit account. The only way to change it is by deactivating/deleting your account and creating a new account with a new username that you like and want to keep as your Reddit username

But you’ll have to start with new posts as previous accounts activities will not be transferred to the new account. All the karma points earned on the previous accounts will be lost.

How to change your username on Reddit

There is only one way to change your Reddit username. And that is to create a new account with a new username of your choice. Reddit doesn’t allow you to change your Reddit username like Instagram.  So here, are the steps to create an account with a username of your choice on Reddit. Also, if you want to have a cool username we have mentioned some tools in the article below, you can use those tools to get a cool Reddit username for yourself


Open on your browser. Log out from the Reddit account if you are already logged in with your previous account. Then click on the signup button on the top right corner of your screen

step 1 to change username on Reddit

Step 2:

Enter your email address and click on continue

step 2 to change your reddit username

Step 3:

Select your desired username and password and enter the captcha correctly and then click on signup and Finish. Boom! Reddit username has been changed successfully.

step 3 to change reddit username

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What is Reddit Display Name?

A display name in Reddit is a name that is visible to other Reddit users. Unlike Reddit username, you can change your display name any time you want. By default, your username is used as the display name in Reddit. So a lot of people get confused between Reddit username and display name. But there is a difference, You can change the Reddit display name whenever you want and whatever you want, unlike the Reddit username that cannot be changed once it is selected during the account creation. The display name is not supposed to be unique. Two people can have the same Display name. 

How to change Reddit display name

Step 1:

Log in with your Reddit account in your respective browser.  Go to the user settings on the top left corner of the window

step 1 to change display name on reddit

Step 2: 

In user settings go to profile and change your Reddit display name. Set a new name if you haven’t set your display name already

step2 to change your display name on Reddit
Go to profile and delete the by default display name and set the display name of your choice.

How to delete your Reddit account:

Before you delete your Reddit account make sure you have deleted all your activity because you won’t be able to delete it after you delete your account. For eg: If you have posted something from that account on the platform then remove that post first if you don’t want it to be on Reddit. Because once you have deleted the account you will no longer have access to the account so you will not be able to remove that post in the future. Also, if you have commented on something that you think is inappropriate then remove that too. You can find all the activities that you have done on Reddit in the activities section. Go see and delete the required. However, if you have already deleted the posts then here are the steps to permanently delete your Reddit account.

Step 1:

Login with your Reddit account. Then, go to user settings on the top left corner go to account

Accounts section under user settings in reddit
Go to user settings and click on the Account menu on top.

Step 2:

 In account settings scroll down and you’ll find an option deactivate account. Click on it

Deactivate button highlighted under account section in user settings in reddit

Step 3: 

Now enter your username and password. Click on the check box to agree and then click on deactivate. This is how you successfully delete a Reddit account.

pop up window asking for username and password to delete reddit account and deactivate button highlighted

Reddit username generator:

As we can see that we cannot change the Reddit username afterward so we get only one shot to select a cool username for our Reddit account. Now you might have some unique cool usernames in your mind but as soon as you enter you realize that it’s already taken by someone else and now you can’t think of any other cool username for yourself.

You don’t need to worry, there are tools that help you get cool usernames for your Reddit account. If you search on google you Reddit username generator you’ll find a lot of tools that will help you find cool usernames. Some of the websites are


You can find a lot of websites that provide Reddit username generator tools on google go for it.


Since A lot of people search on google to know how to change the display name and username on Reddit so we have put a detailed guide and easy steps to do it. Also, we have put some information on how to get a cool username. Hope by reading the above article you found what you were looking for.

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