How to Delete a Retweet from Twitter – Easy step by step guide

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging platform where people share short posts/blogs called tweets. The tweet cannot exceed 287 characters.

Approximately 6000 tweets are tweeted per second which sums up to 200 million tweets a day. Users can like, reply and retweet a tweet on Twitter

Twitter allows its users to retweet the tweets that are being shared on the platform. A lot of users or we can say everyone uses this feature and retweets if they find an interesting tweet.

But what if someone retweeted some tweet on his timeline and now he wants to delete that retweet or what if someone mistakenly retweeted a tweet. So how to delete those retweets?

Let us see how to do it in a step by step guide below. Just follow those steps to learn to delete retweets from twitter

What is a Retweet?

A Retweet is nothing but re-posting a Tweet that was posted by someone else whom you follow. You can retweet your tweets also. If you want to share someone’s tweet with your friends and followers on Twitter you’ll have to retweet that tweet.

There are no restrictions to how many times a tweet can be retweeted but one can post 1000 tweets or retweets in a day. Retweets are counted as tweets by the Twitter algorithm.

Sometimes we are not able to retweet a tweet and the reason is that the author of that tweet has restricted it. We can check if it is restricted or not just by seeing because it will have a lock symbol.

Retweets look very similar to the ordinary tweets with the author’s name and then username right next to it. So how do we distinguish retweet?

Retweets are distinguished by the retweet icon and by the name of the user who retweeted the tweet however a lot of users write “RT” at the very start of the tweet to show that they are retweeting a tweet.

This is not mandatory or any guidelines by twitter but still, a lot of people write it to show that they have retweeted.

If you are not able to see your retweet on a post, it is because the original tweet was deleted by the author from his account or the author’s account whose post you retweeted got suspended.

On Twitter, you see tweets or posts only of those whom you follow. So if you find any post in your timeline from someone you don’t follow it may be because someone you follow has retweeted that tweet.

If you block someone on Twitter then you will not see any of his tweets or the posts on which he retweeted.

You can check all the tweets and retweets related to you that have been done recently in the Notification option.

How to turn off retweets from a specific account:

If you don’t like retweets from a specific account you can turn off Retweets from that account. By doing so you will no longer see Retweets from that account but the previous retweets from that account will still be visible. To do so just follow these steps

  1. Go to the profile of the account whose retweets you want to stop seeing.
  2. Click on the three dots as shown in the figure
  3. Click on turn off retweets you will get a pop up saying retweets from username will no longer appear in your timeline.

turnoff retweet of a specific account

It is not possible to remove previous retweets that are already there in your timeline. Also, it not possible to turn off retweets from multiple accounts. However there one easy way to do to turn off multiple retweets

Since a lot of people use “RT” at the start to indicate that it is a retweet you can turn off those retweets

1: Visit Twitters official website and enter your login credentials 

2: Go to your profile and in that settings and privacy’

3: Click on muted words 

4:  Now, click on Add and enter “RT @”

5:  Finally click on Add t save it 

This will successfully delete all the tweets with the word RT .i.e. retweets. There are other methods also but they are just more complicated and hard to do.

How to retweet on Twitter:

Retweeting a tweet is very simple. It is a feature on Twitter and every user uses it. If you are new to Twitter and want to know how to do it just follow these easy steps:

  1.  Open the official Twitter website or app if you are an android or iOS user
  2. Sign in with your login credentials or click on signup if you are new
  3. Go to the tweet you want to retweet
  4. Click on the retweet icon
  5. You can add images, GIFs, emojis, text, etc. to a retweet
  6. Boom!! you have successfully learned how to retweet

How to delete Retweets in 2020: 

Follow these steps to successfully delete or undo retweets from your timeline

  • 1: Go to the official Twitter website or download the app from your respective App store
  • 2: Enter your login credentials and login 
  • 3: Go to the retweet you wish to delete from your timeline
  • 4: Click on three dots and then click on delete.

delete retweet from twitter

How to delete retweets in bulk:

There is one way to delete all you retweets and retweets in bulk by using Twitter management tool Circleboom.

  •  Connect Circleboom with your Twitter account.
  •  Then click the “My tweet” menu
  • After getting the list of all your tweets and retweets click on the search box and select the range of dates you want to delete and then click delete all
  • This will delete all you Tweets and retweets in that range

Final Words!

In the above article we have explained how to delete retweets from twitter. Also, we have explained how to delete retweets in bulk from your timeline and how to turn off retweets from a particular account. So, if you were looking for the same please read the above article.


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