Discord Search Not Working – {2021} Simple Guide

Is Discord search not working on your device? No need to worry because you are not the only one having this issue. A lot of Reddit users reported that the Discord search function is not working.

Also, a lot of users reported on different forums that Discord is showing no results when they try to search for users.

So in this article, we will be discussing why discord can’t search users and what are the possible solutions to fix the Discord search broken error. But before that let us have a short intro about Discord and Discord search

Introduction to Discord Search:

Discord is a platform where gamers can come together and communicate over the Internet. Discord was initially built for gaming communities but later it was adopted by other communities also.

It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. operating systems. It has millions of monthly active users. The applications of Discord can be seen in every sector. for eg Education, Medical Webinars, Gaming, etc.

Discord keeps on introducing new features for its users to enhance their Discord experience like push to talk features, etc. One of the features is the Discord search. It helps you find the best servers in Discord, find users with its amazing filter.

However, a lot of users have been facing issues while using the search feature. Let us understand the reason for it.

What is the reason for the Discord search not working properly?

Most of the time this issue is mostly triggered by the Discord end and not the user. However, there is a very slight chance that the issue can be caused by the user’s end.

Two years ago a lot of users reported that the Discord search function is not working and since then Discord has been rolling out updates to fix this bug. However, some users still face this issue.

Now that we have seen the reason for the Discord search always displaying no results issue let us see the possible fixes for the same.

How to fix the Discord Search Not Working issue:

Here are the possible solutions to fix the Discord search broken issue in 2021:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Run Discord as Administrator
  • Check for Updates
  • Check issues with the Discord Servers
  • Submit a request to the Discord support team

Let us understand each solution in detail

Check your internet connection:

fix discord search not working

You might not be able to search anything using the Discord search if you do not have a stable internet connection. The reason is that, if you do not have a stable internet connection on your device then it will not be able to submit your search request to the Discord server.

Because of which you might get “no results” on every search. So make sure you have a stable internet connection. Here are some solutions to fix the network related issues

  1. Restart your router
  2. Directly connect your laptop to the ethernet wire
  3. Update network drivers

Run Discord as Administrator:

Steps to run as administrator

Another method that you can try to fix the Discord search not working issue is running it as Administrator. It is a very common solution but it is effective. When we run an application as administrator it gets administrative rights and thus solves the problem. So, here are the steps to do it:

  1. Click on the search icon in the taskbar and type Discord.
  2. Next, click on the Run as Administrator option below the open option
  3. If you have saved the Discord shortcut on the desktop then just drag the mouse pointer on the Discord application and right-click on it
  4. Next, click on Run as administrator and then click yes to run Discord as Administrator.

Check for updates:

Discord keeps on giving updates to fix the bugs. There are chances that Discord may have rolled out an update to fix the Discord search not working issue. So check if there is any update from Discord and install it. To check for updates in Discord follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Discord application and navigate to the bottom right corner of the taskbar and right-click on the Discord icon
  2. From the options click on the Quit Discord option to completely close the Discord application.
  3. If you don’t see an icon on the taskbar then you can end Discord from the Task Manager. To do it >>Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc >>Under the process tab search for Discord and tap on it >>Lastly click on the End Task button at the bottom of the Task Manager window.
  4. Now open the Discord application again. It will automatically check for updates and if available it will install it by itself.

Check issues with the Discord servers:

discord search not working fix

If the above methods do not help you solve the Discord then the Discord search issue might be triggered by Discord itself. So, it is better to check the Discord server’s status if it is down or not. Below are the steps to check the Discord server status

  1. Open your browser and visit discordstatus.com
  2. On this website, you check the availability of the Discord search. You can also check the availability of the other Discord services like API, Voice, etc.
  3. The green line suggests that the particular service is optional, the yellow line suggests it is experiencing partial outages and the red line suggests a complete outage.
  4. So if you find the red line or yellow line that means that the search service was down and hence you were facing the issue.

Submit a request to the Discord support team:

If the Discord search feature is operational and your Discord is up-to-date then submit a request to the Discord support team for guidance to fix the error. They will provide proper assistance to fix the Discord search error. Here are the steps to submit the request:

  1. Click here to visit the Discord request support page
  2. Select the help & support option from the drop-down menu.
  3. After that further form will be opened Fill the required details and submit your request by clicking on the Submit button


Thus, in the above article, we have successfully discussed the reasons for the Discord search not working issue and the possible solutions to fix this Discord error. Also, let us know in the comment box which method helped you solved the issue.

Happy Gaming!!!

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