How to Enable and Setup Push to Talk in Discord in 2021

Discord is one of the best software to communicate with other players while playing multiplayer games. Many gamers use Discord to share words with the fellow teammates while in-game. However, if one of the teammates uses a cheap earphone the communication gets interrupted with constant background noise. This can affect the gameplay of the other teammates.

To overcome this issue Discord introduced the push to talk feature. In this feature, you can assign the Push to Talk action to any key on your keyboard and press it when you want to speak.

So in this article, we will see how you can enable the Push to Talk in Discord. Also, we will see how to configure and assign a different key to the push to talk in computers. Stay tuned!!!

Introduction to Discord:

Discord is an American VoIP, an instant messaging platform where people of different communities create private chats called servers and communicate. You can share voice, video, text messages, files, media on these Discord servers.

Discord was initially launched for the gamers or the gaming community but now it is used by different communities also.

The Discord application is used to take seminars, online lectures, Debates, communicate in games, etc. It has been upgrading itself with new features to provide the best experience to its users.

One of its features is the push to talk feature. Let us understand this feature in detail.

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What is Push to talk and how does it work in Discord?

The push to talk feature in Discord was launched to avoid the unwanted background noise that was continuously created by one user as his mick was continuously turned on.

In this feature, the user mick gets turned on only if he press and hold a specified key and gets turned off immediately after he leaves the key. In this way, the other user does not get distracted by continuous background noise.

How to enable push to talk feature in Discord:

As we have seen the advantages of using the push to talk feature in a Discord server. Now, let us see how we can enable the push to talk feature.

  1. Open the Discord application and click on the user settings (gear icon) option beside your profile name.
  2. In the user, settings go to Voice & Video menu.
  3. Now, under the Input mode click on the push to talk toggle to enable the feature.
  4. After that click on the Record keybind button and press any key that you like to add to the shortcut. Now, whenever you want to use push to talk just press and hold that key and speak. You can also change the shortcut afterward.

Steps to enable push to talk in Discord

How to change the keybind for push to talk in Discord:

Let us how to configure and add a Keybind to use push to talk in Discord. Also, let us configure other push to talk settings to use the full functionality of the feature.

To add a keybind to use the push to talk in Discord follow the below steps:

  1. Open the discord application and go to >>user settings
  2. Next, go to Voice & Video option and click on the Keybind Settings text link.
  3. Next step, click on Add Keybind.
  4. In that under the actions tab click on the dropdown menu and select Push to talk option.
  5. After that bind a key to that action. To do it click on the record keybind button and press the desired key.

Steps to add key to use the Push to talk feature on Discord

How to enable and use push to talk in Discord mobile:

A lot of people use Discord on their smartphones. So, let us see how to enable and use the push to talk on Smartphones. Follow the below-given steps to enable and use push to voice chat on Android phones. However, the steps are similar for iOS devices.

  1. Open the Discord mobile application and click on the profile icon in the bottom navigation bar. It will open the user settings window.
  2. Scroll down to App settings and click on Voice & Video option.
  3. Tap on the input mode option and change it to Push to talk. This will enable the push to talk option in your Discord mobile app.
  4. To use the push to talk feature all you have to do is press and hold the push to talk button. When you press the button it will start recording the sound and as soon as you release the button it will stop.

image with steps to enable push to talk in Discord mobile

How to set up push to talk in mobile while in a game:

If you are looking to use push to talk in mobile while in a game then follow the below steps.

  1. Tap on the Discord server you are connected to and click on the settings icon. It will directly take you to the Voice & Video option.
  2. Next, tap on the input mode and change it to push to talk while connected to a server.
  3. And if you want to mute while in a game then just click on your profile in the server and click on the mute toggle.


Q. What does push to talk mean on discord?
A. The push to talk on Discord means that the mick will be turned off by default. You will have to press and hold the push to talk button to speak.

Q. Why can I only use push to talk on discord?
A. Discord has two input modes 1. Voice Activity 2. Push to talk and you can use only one at a time.

Q. Does discord have Push to mute?
A. No, Discord does not have push to mute button. However, we have explained above how to mute in Discord while in-game

Q. How do I get rid of Push To Talk?
A. To get rid of push to talk you need to change the Discord input mode. To change it kindly read the above article we have explained the steps in a very simple way.


Thus, in the above article, we have successfully discussed what is push to talk in Discord and how to enable it. Also, we discussed how to configure keybinds for push to talk feature in Discord.

Happy Gaming!!!

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