Diablo II Window Mode – play diablo II in windowed mode

There is a lot of craze among the youth and gamers to play their games on a big screen. Also, they don’t like disturbance while they are playing games on their PC so, they enable the full-screen mode from the settings.

Looking at the situation a lot of gaming companies have set the full-screen mode by default in their case. Same is the situation with the game Diablo II. People who play games in windowed mode are not very comfortable with this feature.

You can not perform any other task on your computer if you are playing the game in fullscreen mode. That is why some people prefer windowed mode over fullscreen mode.

So, how do we run Diablo II in windowed mode? Stay tuned because in this article we have shown some easy ways through which you can play Diablo II in windowed mode on your PC.


Diablo II is an action, computer video game developed by Blizzard North and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was published in 2000. And after a year, it’s expansion Diablo II: Lord of Destruction was released in 2001.

The theme of the game is based on horror and dark fantasy and it is an action roleplay hack and slash video game for computers. It was one of the most popular games in 2000.

It is a sequel of Diablo which was a huge success and following the success of Diablo II another sequel was announced in 2008 which was later released in the year 2012. The sequel was named Diablo III.

Even after 21 years of its release, it is not free you have to buy the game to play it. The reason the game was one of the best selling games at that time and its craze is still the same among the gamers.

The game was the 8th best selling game of Blizzard Entertainment and generated a revenue of $67.1 million by 2006

It is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS operating system.

How to open Diablo II in windowed mode:

Although gaming is much more fun in full-screen mode still if want to play games in windowed mode you can follow the steps explained below to do it.

You can change your games window settings from Full-screen to Windowed mode from your in-game settings.

However, if you don’t like going to your game setting every time you open the game or if your game does not allow you to change your window settings from within the game you can follow this guide.

How to run Diablo II in window mode using a keyboard shortcut:

Keyboard combinations make our life a lot easier. All the hectic work just a few keywords clicks away.

for eg. To shut down your computer you need to go to start then you have to click on power and then shut down but, with keyboard combination, it becomes much easier just click alt + f4 and enter and your computer will shutdown.

Like rather than going to the settings and changing the window settings from full screen to Windowed we can just press the keyword combination and Boom!!!

So, the keyboard combination to switch any PC game from Full-screen mode to Windowed mode is Windows + Shift + Down arrow

However, if you are using Windows 10 you can just press Windows + Down arrow

play Diablo II in Windowed mode using keyboard combination

How to run Diablo II in windowed mode by changing the Target address:

If the keyword combination trick doesn’t work for you then try this method to switch Diablo II from full screen to window mode.

In this method, we will do some alterations in the “target address” of Diablo II. To perform this method follow the below steps:

1] If you are a windows 10 user just click on start you will get a list of all the apps and games installed on your computer. Scroll down to Diablo II and click on the icon and drag it to desktop to create a shortcut.

Click the Windows “Start” menu and click “Programs” if you are using Windows 7 or Vista, or click “All Programs” for prior versions of Windows

2] But if you are using Windows 7 or Vista >>click on start and then >>click on programs. Click start and >>All programs for any other Windows version. Right-click on Diablo II application and >>click on send to and >>select create a desktop shortcut.

3] Now, right-click on the Diablo II shortcut and click on the properties menu.

4] In properties under the shortcut option you will find target click on it and write <space>-w after .exe and click on OK.

So your target address will become “C:\Users\Gangadhar\Diablo II.exe -w” do not forget the space between .exe and -w

run Diablo 2 in window mode by changing target keyword

This will help you play Diablo II in Windowed mode

Final Words:

In the above article, we have explained how to open and play Diablo II in windowed mode. So if you were looking for the same please read the article. Also, if you have any better solution for it let us know in the comment.

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