How to Delete Steam Account Permanently

Steam is an online game distribution platform where you can buy, download and play games. It is the best software as you can keep all your games sorted in one place.

However, if you are getting obsessed with gaming and want to quit playing games and focus on other things in your life but even a lot of try you are not able to quit it then the solution that you can try is to Uninstall Steam from your computer

But if you are so obsessed with gaming that you install Steam again and start playing games then another solution that you can try is to delete the Steam account.

So, let us see uninstall Steam from our computer and how we can delete our Steam account in a detailed guide below.

Introduction to Steam:

Steam is software that allows you to download free/paid games from its store and play them offline. Steam was launched by Valve.

It has a collection of more than 37000 games (free + paid) in its store. It is very popular among gaming communities.

You can use the Steam Broadcast feature to stream games from Steam that means you don’t need to install multiple software on your computer.

Steam was launched 17 years ago and since then it has upgraded itself to provide its users the best features it can.

Some of the features of Steam include Digital rights management(DRM), video streaming, cloud storage, in-game voice, and chat feature, social-networking services, video streaming, etc.

There are more than 95 million active users playing games on Steam. In the financial year, 2017 Steam generated more than $4.3 billion in revenue from game sales.

Out of all the games bought in the year 2017 18% were bought from Steam. Steam controls 75% of the total PC games.

So, if you love to play different games then you can use Steam to manage all your games in one application.


Important things to know before you delete your Steam account:

Once you delete your Steam account it will get deleted permanently which means you will not be able to recover your account later.

Steam doesn’t allow to restore accounts once they are deleted. So, make sure you have fully made up your mind before you pull that string.

All the games that you bought during the period, all the games that you bought for thousands of dollars will be gone and you can’t get that back once you delete your Steam account.

If you are deleting your Steam account because it takes a lot of space on your computer and slows down the processing speed of your computer then rather than deleting your Steam account you can delete the games that you no longer play.

Note that you will be able to download those games later in the future without buying it again. Let us see how we can delete games from Steam

How to delete games from Steam:

To delete the games from Steam follow the below steps:

1. Open the Steam application on your computer and go to the library tab in the menu on the top

2. In the Library you will find all the games that you have bought and installed on the computer. Right-click on the game that you can delete and click on uninstall.

3. Click on the delete button when asked if you’d like to delete game files.

4. Repeat the same process with all the games that you want to uninstall from Steam.

how to delete games from Steam


If you have a lot of work and having Steam installed on your computer distracts you from your work rather than deleting your Steam account you can just uninstall Steam from your computer and install it later when you are free.


How to uninstall Steam from Windows:

To uninstall Steam from your Windows computer follow the below steps:

1) Go to start and click on the control panel or press the keyword combination Windows + R then type control panel and press Enter to open it.

2) Click on uninstall a program. You will get a list of all the software installed on your computer. >>Search for Steam Client and tap on it >>then click on uninstall to remove Steam from your computer.

Note: When you install Steam client again and login with your credentials all the games that you bought will be there. You will not have to buy them again

image with steps explained to delete Steam on Windows

How to uninstall Steam from mac:

Uninstalling a program on a mac is not easy. There is no uninstall button like windows to uninstall the software from mac.

To delete Steam Client from mac you need to go to the location where the Steam is installed and delete all the files associated with it.

However, if you find that way too difficult you can try cleanmymac software to uninstall Steam and other programs from your mac

Clean my mac makes it so simple that with one click you can uninstall Steam from your mac. It searches and deletes all the files associated with Steam from your mac automatically.

Using clean my mac you can uninstall any program and not just Steam from your mac computer.


How to delete Steam Account:

To delete your Steam account permanently follow the below steps:

1: Firstly open up Steam on your computer

2: Click on the drop-down arrow beside your Steam account name in the top right corner and click on Account details

3: After you click on Account details a new window will appear. Scroll down to the page and click on the Delete My Steam Account link

How to delete a steam account permanently

4: It will take you to a new page where it explains how the deletion process works. Click on the Proceed to account deletion button below.

step 2 to delete steam account

5: After you click on Proceed to account deletion it will take you to the Account Deletion Request page.

Request page to delete steam account

6: Fill in the Account deletion request form with correct details and click on send. You will receive a mail from Steam

7: Steam will verify your ownership and after 30 days your Steam account will be deleted.


Final Words!!

Before you delete your Steam account make sure you look at all the parameters and make the right decision. You can try other methods rather than deleting your Steam account permanently

However, if you have made up your mind we have given a detailed guide on how to delete a Steam account and important things to note before your delete your Steam account in the above article.

Happy Gaming!!!!

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