FIXED: No matches On Bumble in 2021

Are you not getting any matches on Bumble? No need to discourage, I know it is the toughest thing to do. Just kidding. It is very common for guys to not get any matches on any dating site. So, without losing hope just keep on swiping. However, if it has been many days and you still haven’t got any matches then there must be a problem. Most of the time it is because of the less knowledge of the dating software Bumble. Also, there are some points that should be kept in mind while creating a dating profile which most of the users neglect as a result of which they don’t get any matches on Bumble.

So in this article, we will see how to get matched on Bumble by making changes in the profile and in the Bumble settings so stay tuned. After reading this article you will be able to dodge no matches on other dating apps like tinder, etc.



Bumble is an online dating application which is managed by Bumble Inc. It was founded by  Whitney Wolfe Herd. The founder describes Bumble as a feminist dating app. More than 45% of users in Bumble are female.

Users can create an account on Bumble using their phone no or through Facebook. If two heterosexual people get matched on Bumble only female users can make the first move but in the case of a Homosexual match, either of the people can make the first contact.

Bumble has more than 12 million monthly active users in more than 150 countries. Bumble was valued at more than $1 Billion and generated more than $66 million in revenues in the financial year 2019.

It has many great features to find the perfect match for its users like the BFF mode and the Bumble Bizz.

Causes for not getting matches on Bumble:

Here are few reasons why you are not getting any matches on Bumble. Note that these factors are just an observation and may vary for different users

Incomplete profile:

On a dating site, you have to share every information about yourself so that others can know better about you and find out if you are perfect for them. Also, it helps the application to show your profile to the matching persons. So, if you have an incomplete profile it can be the cause for no matches

Improper settings:

In Bumble there are multiple filters that help you get the perfect match for yourself. So, if you have not set any filters then you should set them to avoid the no matching problem

Too picky:

Being too picky can also be the reason for not getting enough matches on Bumble.

Methods to get more matches on Bumble:

Here are few tricks that you can implement to get many matches and break the zero matches loop on Bumble.

Verify your account:

There are a lot of fake ids on dating sites like tinder and Bumble. So, people usually hesitate to make the first move even if they find the perfect match for themselves. So, you must verify your profile on Bumble. This gives assurance to the user that you are a real person. Also, Bumble asks you to verify your account from time to time as a part of its plan to reduce fake users on the platform. If you are not so good with apps then here are the detailed steps to verify your account on Bumble

  1. Go to or open the Bumble app and log in with your credentials.
  2. Click on the profile icon to open the navigation bar
  3. Then click on the verify your account button.
  4. After you click on the button it will ask for a selfie in a particular gesture
  5. Take the photo and send it to Bumble by following the further steps
  6. Note that the selfie will not be visible to the other users in anyways. It is exclusively for Bumble to verify that you are a real person.

steps to verify you account to fix no matches on Bumble

Add profile prompts and other filters:

It is always better to add some extra information about yourself. It will give others to know more about you and understand you better. This will increase your chance of getting matches. Here is how to improve your Bumble profile

  1. Open your Bumble app and click on the profile icon
  2. Then click on the edit profile (pencil) icon
  3. Here, you will find all the filters to add to your profile
  4. Start by adding photos, make sure you fill all the boxes with your best pictures
  5. Add details about your physical appearance like height weight, etc.
  6. Write in few sentences about yourself and use the Work education filter to give details about your qualification.
  7. Also, Add a few Profile-prompts to add extra weight to your profile.

In this way, you can create a better profile for your bumble account and start getting more matches.

deatiled steps to add filters and profile prompts on Bumble

Link your social media accounts:

Nowadays you can get more information about a person from their social media accounts. People share everything about their life on social media through posts and stories. So, it is a good practice to link your social media accounts to your Bumble profile. Here are the steps to link your social media account on Bumble.

  1. Go to your Bumble app and click on the profile icon
  2. Then click on the edit profile icon
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the edit profile page and click on Connect your Instagram
  4. This will add your Insta account to your Bumble profile
  5. Similarly, you can link your Spotify account to your profile.

steps to fix not getting any matches on Bumble

Use Activate Spotlight:

Activate Spotlight is a Bumble feature that increases your profile visibility. It is a premium feature so you will have to spend money on this feature. To use this feature you need to properly optimize your profile according to the Bumble standards. So, if you have to build a great profile and you are still not getting any matches then you can use this Bumble feature to get more engagement and likes.


So in this article, we have successfully discussed how you can improve your profile to get more matches on Bumble. If you have any queries regarding any method you can reach out in the comment box

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