Fix Sim Not Provisioned MM2 Error on Android & iOS [2021]

Many users face “SIM not provisioned MM#2” when they insert a SIM card on their mobile device. This error also appears as Sim not provisioned for voice, etc. This error is very common among users who buy a new SIM card or transfer the SIM to a newer card. When you face this sim not provisioned error, your cellphone only allows emergency calls. The only place you can call is 911. However, this does not restrict you from using your mobile device and its other features. Also, this error is not specific to any particular phone, you can face this error on any mobile device whether it be Android or an iPhone.

If you are also encountering this error on your phone then this article will help you solve it. In this article, we will discuss what does SIM not provisioned error mean, when do we face it, and the possible methods to fix this error. So, stay tuned!!!

What is SIM not provisioned error?

The users face SIM card not provisioned error when the sim is not activated or it is suspended by the service provider. Sometimes, the users can also face this error if the cell phone is not able to pick up the sim card.

It is very common to face this error if you have just bought a new SIM card. However, if you have an old sim card and it was working fine previously but now you are facing the error then there can be two reasons for it

  1. Your SIM card is dead (if your sim is too old)
  2. The SIM is deactivated from the service provider

The service provider does not deactivate any sim card unless it is requested to. So, you may have either asked the service provider to deactivate the sim and transfer it to a new sim card or you have not used that sim card for a very long time.

What is SIM 1 not provisioned error?

If you use a dual sim phone then the sim not provisioned error will also show the sim number which is having the error. For example: If the error is caused by the SIM in slot 1 then the error would appear as sim 1 not provisioned and if the error is caused by the sim in slot 2 then the error would appear as sim 2 not provisioned.

In other words, the error displays the sim numbers along with the error if either of the sims is not activated.

What is phone not allowed for voice error?

SIM not provisioned for voice means that the phone line is detached from the sim card. This can be because you changed your service provider or because of anything from the service provider’s end.

The phone not allowed for voice is the same as sim not provisioned. Google Fi and Google Pixel devices usually face the sim card not provisioned for voice error.

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How to fix the SIM not provisioned MM2:

Here are the top 5 solutions to solve the sim not provisioned error

  • Reinsert your sim card
  • Recharge your SIM
  • Check if the sim is activated
  • Contact the network provider

Reinsert your sim card:

The first method that you can try to fix the sim not provisioned on your phone is reinserting the sim card. Sometimes, the problem is not with the network provider but with the phone. You can face this error if the sim card is not mounted properly on the phone. Also, if the device is too old, the dust gets deposited on the sim tray. So, you must reinsert the sim but keep the following precaution in mind while inserting

  1. The sim must not come in contact with water
  2. Do not touch the golden part roughly
  3. Maintain low temperature
  4. Clean the sim tray before inserting the sim

method to fix sim not provisioned

Recharge your SIM:

The next method to fix the sim not provisioned mm2 error is to recharge the sim. You would ask why? Let me explain, when we don’t use a particular sim for a very long time(no recharge, no call) the service providers temporarily deactivate the services of that sim. So, to be able to use the service of that sim again you need to top up it. You can recharge it with the cheapest top-up plan to get it activated again. If you haven’t used the sim for a long time then try this method.

Check if the sim is activated:

If you have bought a new sim card then you might be facing the not provisioned error. As we know new sim cards usually face this error. A newly registered sim card usually takes 48 hours to get activated. So, you must wait for that time period for the sim activation before taking any further decision.

Also, if you have an old sim and face the sim not provisioned mm#2 error, you must replace the old sim and get a new sim card. And if the error is still not resolved and you cannot make calls, you must change the service provider.

Contact the service provider:

After trying the above methods if you still get the error then it is time to contact your service provider. They are the ones who can activate your sim if it is deactivated. They can help you with the problem from their end to overcome the sim not provisioned mm2 error.


In this article, we covered what is sim not provisioned error and how we can fix this error on our mobile devices. If you have any queries regarding the solutions you can reach out in the comment box.

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