{Fixed}: Discord Update Failed error – 10 Latest Methods

Discord is a very popular VoIP, an instant messaging platform mostly used by the gaming communities. If you are a gamer that plays multiplayer or two-person games you might be familiar with Discord.

It has more than 250 million registered users and more than 100 million active users.

Discord constantly keeps on adding new features to the Discord application for its users to enhance their user experience through updates.

However, a lot of its users are not able to take benefit of those features because they are not able to update their Discord application. Whenever they try to update they get the error Discord update Failed.

So in this article, we have explained 9 methods on how to fix the Discord update loop and successfully update your Discord application. Stay tuned!!

Introduction to Discord:

Discord is a group discussion software that uses the internet for communication during gameplay.

It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can also use Discord on your respective web browsers.

The first stable release of Discord was five years ago in 2015. And it was built for gamers that play multiplayer games to communicate with fellow gamers.

However, the use of Discord expanded and was later used by other communities.

Since the launch, Discord has added many new features for its users in the Discord application through updates and further features will also be added through the automatic update system.

So, if you want to enjoy those features you will need to keep your Discord application updated.

But a lot of Windows users face the “update failed” issue when they try to update Discord on Windows and because of that they are not able to install the new features that come with the update.

So, to fix the Discord update failed error and enjoy the benefits of the new features of Discord read the below article and follow the steps to fix them.


What is the Discord “update failed” error and how it is caused?

Discord update failed error is displayed when you try to update your Discord application. This error is mostly seen on Windows computers.

Mostly, this error is caused due to internet connectivity issue.

However, there can be other reasons also that make Discord malfunction. Let us see different methods to solve this error.


How to fix Discord “update failed” error on your computer:

Here is the list of solutions that you can try to fix the update failed error on Discord:

  1. Restart the router/computer
  2. Run as Administrator
  3. Disable VPN
  4. Rename the Discord update file
  5. Disable Windows Firewall
  6. Disable the Antivirus
  7. Delete the Discord App data and Local App data
  8. Move Discord folder
  9. Uninstall and Reinstall Discord
  10. Contact Discord Support


1. Restart your router/computer:

Most of the time this error is caused due to the internet connectivity issue that means either the router is not working properly or your computer is not able to connect to the router.

To fix that try restarting your router as well as your computer. And after the restart, open the Discord application and try to update it.

If it still shows the update failed error try another method below.

2. Run as Administrator:

Sometimes, when the applications misbehave running them as Admin works like charm.

Many users reported that after running the Discord application as Administrator the update failed issue was resolved

To Run the Discord application as Administrator follow the below steps:

1. Click on the search icon and type Discord and then click on Run as Administrator.

2. If you have a Discord application shortcut on your desktop then just >>take your mouse pointer on the Discord application and >>right click and >>select Run as Administrator 

Discord update failed error

3. Disable VPN:

Using a VPN changes alters your IP address and changes your location. Discord can display the update failed error if it finds a region mismatch. So make sure your VPN is disabled when you update Discord.

Sometimes, even if you close your VPN it runs in the background. So, make sure you close it from the Task Manager. To do it open Task Manager tap >>tap on the VPN and >>click on End Task.

4. Rename the update file:

For many users, the Discord update failed loop was fixed by manually changing the Update file name.

To change the update file name follow the below steps:

1: Press the key combination Windows(logo) + R on your keyboard.

2: Run prompt will pop up. Type %localappdata% and hit Enter.

open local App data in WIndows

3: Search for the Discord folder and double click on it to open.

4: Tap on the Update file and right-click on it and select rename. Rename the Update file name to UpdateX.

steps to Change Discord update file name


If the Discord update error persists try disabling the Windows Defender firewall.

5. Disable Windows Firewall:

A lot of times Windows Defender firewall considers legit applications as a threat and blocks them from using the required resources.

So, there are chances that the Windows firewall is blocking Discord due to which it is showing the update failed error.

So we need to disable the Windows firewall to help Discord use the required resources. To do it follow the below steps:

1: Tap on the search icon in the taskbar or press the keyword combination Windows + Q and type Windows security and hit Enter. It will take you to the Windows Security page.

2: In that click on Firewall & network protection. In that click on the network that you are connected to (you will find active written beside the network you are connected to).

3: Uncheck the box that says “Blocks all incoming connections, including those in the list of allowed apps”.

Disable Windows Firewall to fix Discord update failed issue

6. Disable the Antivirus of your computer:

The Antivirus installed on your computer can also be the major culprit behind the update failed error on Discord.

The reason is that the Antiviruses may think of Discord as malicious software and thus block its proper functionality. So, uninstall the third-party Antivirus installed on your computer or temporarily disable the Windows Defender Antivirus.

To uninstall the Antivirus from your computer go to the control panel >>then click on uninstall a program >>Look for the antivirus from the list of software and tap on it.>>Last click on uninstall.

To temporarily disable the Windows defender Virus & threat protection:

i. Go to Windows security and click on Virus & threat protection on the taskbar.

ii. In that click on Manage settings under Virus & threat protection settings.

iii. Disable Real-time protection by taping on the toggle bar.

temporarily disable Windows Defender Antivirus

7. Deleting Discord App data and local App data:

The above methods must solve the issue however if the issue persists try deleting all the Discord App data and local app data. To do it follow the below steps.

1) To delete App data press the key combination Windows + R, A run prompt will pop-up type %appdata% in and hit Enter.

2) Tap on the Discord folder and >>right-click on it and select delete to delete Discord app data.

steps to delete discord App data

3) To delete local App data press the keyword combination Windows + R and type %localappdata% in the run prompt and hit Enter.

4) Again look for the Discord folder and right-click on it and hit the delete option to delete the Discord local App data.

steps to delete Discord local App data

5) Now reopen the Discord application and see if the problem is resolved.

Note: If you are not able to delete the Discord App data or Local app data that means Discord is still running in the background. To stop Discord from running in the background press Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time it will open Task Manager. Tap on Discord and then click on End task. Now, try to delete them again.

8. Move Discord folder to new location:

Moving the Discord folder to a new location also solved the update failed error. To move the Discord folder to a new location follow the below steps:

1] Press Windows + R and open the run prompt and type %localappdata% and tap Enter.

2] Tap on the Discord folder >>and press Ctrl + X to cut >>Go to the new location and press Ctrl + V to paste the folder to the new location.

3] Open the Discord application and start the update. Choose the new location where you moved your Discord folder when asked to choose the new install location by the installation Wizard.

move discord folder to new location to fix Discord update failed error

9. Reinstall the Discord application:

If the above methods don’t work and Discord still displays the update failed error try reinstalling the Discord application on your computer. To reinstall the Discord application follow the below steps:

1. Go to the control panel and in that click on uninstall a program. Tap on the Discord application and click on uninstall.

Uninstall Discord from control panel

2. Clear the Discord App data and Local App data. To do it follow Method 7.

3. Now go to the official Discord website and download the latest Discord version.

4. Right-click on the downloaded file and click on show in folder.

Reinstall the Discord application

5. Next double click on the Discordsetup.exe file to begin the installation press.

6. After the installation process is complete launch the Discord application. The issue must have resolved.

10. Contact the Discord Support:

The above methods should solve the Discord update failed error on your computer.

However, after trying all the methods if the error persists then contact Discord support for assistance.



We have explained 10 methods to solve the Discord update failed error. If you are facing the same issue when you try to update the Discord application on Windows 10 then read the above article for a solution. Also, let me know in the comment box which method helped you solve the error.

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